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"Dealing with strings has generally been for me a source of compromise and often frustration. For more than 30 years, I have been waiting for the right medium, embracing top quality but also longevity, fluidity, touch and beauty of-sound.

I came across Wyres Strings and found the answers to all my concerns. These strings are just phenomenal, they are handmade, sound extremely well, feel great under the fingers, allow for an extensive use of their sustain to "work" the touch, the tone and the history of the note, they do not break and, icing on the cake, thanks to a very subtle coating which doesn't not take any harmonics away, they last for ever ! 

I feel completely relieved and will always remain really impressed with this performance. Wyres Strings surpass any other brand on the market today! I am proud and honored to collaborate to a Signature set with Nick Walton and his company. A dream came true" 


"Wyres have an indefinable “MAGIC” to their sound and it's more than just the fact that they have an astonishingly long lasting string life.

Coated strings by their nature last longer than an uncoated string, but with Wyres there is something more going on here, something far deeper! 

It is the way they “FEEL” when you play them. The warm “SINGING” quality of their plain strings and that lovely clear sustain of the wound strings that I find truly inspirational. 

These strings are special and I hope they work their indefinable magic for you.” - Gordon 



"There is no other brand of strings I would rather play than this Wyres set. I can't even think of a close second. Their tone and playability both fitmy style like a glove to begin with and the custom string gauges designed for lower 'open' tunings such as CGDGAD, bring out the best in me and my instrument" .

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"Having tried the majority of guitar strings currently on the market I have now settled on 'Wyres.' They have pure intonation, sustain, clarity and (importantly) they last a good deal longer. I'm very happy to put my name to this excellent product" 

Available in Normal, Hard or Extra Hard Tensions



Phosphor Bronze, 80/20 Bronze, Classical, Dobro, Baritone, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Bouzouki, & Violin.



About Wyres

Wyres Strings began from humble beginnings. Our philosophy has always been to test, develop and make the best musical strings possible. Naturally as musicians, we are exceptionally discerning and try to employ our most creative skills to develop great products.


Very often musicians will be invited into the factory to test strings and give us real time feedback. In technical areas unfamiliar to us we do consult engineers, chemists and even metallurgists for advice and we try to incorporate new ideas into our production.


Our 1st generation of P.T.F.E. (polymer tetra-fluoro-ethylene) coated strings is a prime example of one of these innovations which we debuted at the NAMM 1997 Show in Anaheim, California. We have continued improving on our P.T.F.E. coated string process and are today offering a 3rd generation P.T.F.E. coating.


Wyres Strings are currently manufactured in the USA and we are one of the few companies to actually manufacture their own strings. In the near future, Wyres Strings will also be manufactured in Canada.

We enjoy an active and growing artist endorsement program. It's always a great pleasure for us to have contact with artists that we admire. It is also very flattering to our egos when artists rave about our strings. We love the contact with other musicians and hope that they will build close ties with us.

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